2nd Real – World Evidence, World Congress 2023 Europe

04 May,2023 - 05 May,2023
London, United Kingdom

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Real-world evidence is the clinical evidence regarding the usage and potential benefit/risk of medical products derived from analysis of RWD. These are empirical data acquired outside the framework of randomized controlled trials and originated from routine clinical practice. RWD is data associated with patient health status and/or the delivery of health care routinely collected from a variety of sources such as patient disease registries, electronic health records (EHRs), patient generated data, other sources such as wearables and mobile devices, etc. It is gathered and converted to RWE through robust analytics and a validated approach. The focus on RWE affects every stage of the drug/device development lifecycle.

With exponential growth in the use of technologies such as computers, medical devices, wearables, and biosensors to collect and amass considerable amounts of health related data along with the development of advanced, new analytical capabilities, these data can now be analyzed. The information collected is increasingly accessible and useful for outcomes research and regulatory purposes and can be applied to medical product development and approval. RWE is now being used by medical product developers to aid clinical trial designs and observational studies to generate innovative, new treatment approaches. The healthcare community and regulatory agencies utilized RWE to develop guidelines and decision support tools for use in clinical practice and to make informed healthcare and regulatory decisions.

While RWE is playing an increasingly critical role in supporting every aspect of successful evidence-generation programs and presents immense possibilities, it also brings substantial challenges that continue to cast shadows on its validity. Concerns such as data viases, data quality, and the possible false results due to data mining, progress have diminished primarily.

The 2 days congress aims to provide cutting-edge, and comprehensive discussions in a collaborative format to improve standards and practice for the collection and analysis of data for better decision-making for health globally. We are putting together an agenda that focuses on “The significance of Real World Evidence in changing the future of trial design, drug development and healthcare to improve patient outcomes”.

We are gathering high caliber expert speakers to participate and share their knowledge and expertise through Keynotes, Presentations, and Panel discussions.

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