Biosimilars And Follow-On Biologics 2014 Americas

27 Feb,2014 - 28 Feb,2014
Thistle Kensington Gardens Hotel, London, UK

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Paradigm Global Events are proud to present The Biosimilars and Follow – On Biologics 2014 Americas

Biosimilars also known as Follow-on Biologics or subsequent entry biologics are official subsequent version of innovator pharmaceutical products on which reference to the innovator product is crucial component for approval.

This conference examines a number of challenges including commercial, regulatory, and technical, all of them in turn and discusses for example: the current commercial trends of biosimilars; what the commercial impact of them is; and what is happening in the BRIC countries.

The conference also looks at the latest  global regulatory guidelines and issues surrounding biosimilars and what this means for the  data exclusivity, is there a need for a balance between innovation and competition?

Technical issues with biosimilars however are the major concern. Biological drugs unlike the more common small-molecule drugs maybe more sensitive to changes in manufacturing process due to its high molecular complexity, so biosimilar producers have to prove that the overall effects are the same.

Following the success of the first generation Monoclonal antibodies blockbusters, here we analyze many challenges to be faced to bring more efficient and affordable anti-body based drugs to the market.

Finally, biobetters are a new category of drug: why just copy a drug when you can improve it? This workshop examines the potential of biobetters for companies and how to maximize opportunities.

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