Biosimilars Global Congress 2013 Europe

18 Sep,2013 - 21 Sep,2013
London, UK

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Paradigm Global Events is proud to present The Biosimilars Global Congress 2013 Europe.

The market for Biologics is currently representing 16% of global pharmaceutical expenditure and significantly out-performing branded sales, it will continue to conquer the global market as it makes way for more innovative products deliver new treatment option.

The market for Biosimilars is expected to reach between US $1.9 billion – $ 2.6 billion by 2015 and is expected to become an increasingly large part of world market for global pharmaceutical with the potential of reaching 50% share.  The lost of patent protection of the twelve top-selling Biologics by 2020 will trigger an estimated sales of $24 billion in Europe and $30 billion in the United States without having to mention the sales from the phamerging markets (China, India, Brazil, Mexico).

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