Biosimilars Global Congress 2015 Europe

21 Sep,2015 - 23 Sep,2015
Hilton London Canary Wharf, London UK

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Over the last decade, there has been a swift increase in the quantity of biological medicines that have received regulatory approval globally.

To obtain approval for consumption, a biosimilar medicine which is medicine that is develop to be similar to an existing biological medicine, have to establish that they are as safe and effective as the original reference medicine and have the same quality.

A number of top-selling biological medicines have lost or will be losing their patent over the next few years, particularly, monoclonal antibodies. Hence, Bio- similar Medicines are develop in expectation of imminent patent expiry of innovator biologics drugs.

Although biosimilars are already in use to some extent, it is likely that their availability and use will become more comprehensive over the next few years as it has the potential to present a more cost effective tool for pharmaceutical expenditures.

The Congress will provide a unique platform for knowledge sharing and convergence from Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Regulatory and many more. The congress will also cover a diverse range of topics and offer an interesting insight as to latest strategies and obstacles faced by the industry, from the develop- ment to market of Biosimilars.

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