Cell Based Assays Congress 2014 Europe

27 Feb,2014 - 28 Feb,2014
Thistle Kensington Gardens Hotel, London, UK

Assays Congress Europe

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Cell-Based Assays 2014 Europe explores the latest thinking and techniques in this growing topic. Cell-based assays are becoming more important as companies realize their usage can significantly reduce the amount of clinical candidates failing to progress through the pipeline, as the assays demonstrably prove leads have a clinical effect. This event covers many topics, which are of vital scientific importance, such as ion channel assays, 3D assays, GPCR, as well as stem cell assays. Moreover, the event also looks at non-scientific areas of concern, such as post-analytics, quality control, and outsourcing, making this event a more rounded conference than other events on the same topic. As R&D budgets are squeezed and costs have to be accounted for, researchers have to be aware of other considerations in their assays, and this conference looks at these as well.

Book now and join us for an exciting two days of interactive and innovative discussions about the potentials of CBA and what are currently on offer and demands in the market today. This is a great opportunity to network with professionals in the field and enjoy learning about new developments in technologies, techniques, methods and detection involved in the CBA process.

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