Market Access, Pricing & Reimbursement 2020 Europe

06 Feb,2020 - 07 Feb,2020
London, UK

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At a global scale, pharmaceutical market is expected to grow in the years to come regardless of recent slowdown in key markets across the globe. The increase is exacerbated by the growing and ageing population in key markets. Aside from this, increasing access of Pharmaceuticals to poor and middle-class families due to increases in disposable income also driving the growth of the industry. Pharma companies focusing on Rare and speciality medicines is another aspect leading the growth. Innovations attracting investments even from non-pharma companies are also sustaining the growth in the pharmaceutical industry.

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the major players in the healthcare sector. Governments across Europe are struggling to balance the desire to provide timely access to innovative medicines with the need to contain healthcare spending due to the increasing pressure between the demands of the EU, national governments and regional authorities.

As healthcare budgets are continuously rising in Europe, governments implement a wide variety of policies to control them with the help of different public regulatory bodies that are involved in pharmaceutical coverage decisions across Europe. International collaboration among HTA and regulatory bodies can promote knowledge exchange, efficiency of information production and prepare developing systems for new challenges.

The upcoming 2020 Market Access, Pricing and Reimbursement Global Congress Europe will present a dynamic approach to key trends and insights on market access, health technology assessment, real world data, patient access, pricing and reimbursement on the current European landscape.

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