Monoclonal Antibodies 2014 Congress

27 Oct,2014 - 28 Oct,2014
Hilton London Kensington, London UK

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Paradigm Global Events are proud to present the Monoclonal Antibodies 2014 Congress

Monoclonal Antibodies are also known as targeted therapies because they work by targeting specific proteins on the surface of the cells. Mabs agents are currently have been successfully used in the treatment of cancers, tumors and other serious diseases and is big on the market.

The market size of Monoclonal antibody agents in 2009-2012 grew at a CAGR of 13% and is expected to rise by more than 12% in 2013-2017 reaching $141 billion in 2017. This is due to great market demand, new products being approved and also launching of Mabs generic drugs.

The global industry of Mabs is currently dominated by European and American  companies, however, sales of Mabs in the rest of the world will remain higher than in the U.S despite a higher CAGR in the U.S.

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