Patient Centricity & Collaboration Global Congress 2021 Europe

08 Nov,2021 - 09 Nov,2021
London, United Kingdom

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Patient Centricity & Collaboration Global Congress 2021 Europe

Patient-centricity is a vital aspect in the research and development of biopharmaceutical products, disease management, designing a treatment, clinical trial, or other health solutions. In order to create a patient-centric solution, one must truly embrace a collaborative endeavor with the patient and their caregivers. Establishing a patient-centric solution involves getting feedback from real patients and their loved ones, and making decisions based on their medical conditions, experiences, needs, perspectives, and priorities.

The industry has come a long way with utilizing a patient-centered approach. The concept has gone from a buzzword to a potential trend, to a perceivable goal. Whilst the industry has advanced in recent years, the evolving healthcare model and ecosystem brought forward by advances in technology and more involved, empowered patients, means true patient centricity is a continuing quest and a compelling commitment.

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