Stem Cell Science & Regenerative Medicines 2018

09 Apr,2018 - 10 Apr,2018
London, UK

Event Overview

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Stem cell research, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine hold the potential to revolutionize the way human diseases are treated, and many nations have therefore invested heavily in these genetically engineered components and its applications. Considerable research has enabled the fabrication of sophisticated grafts and cell manipulation technologies to analyze the molecular level of controlling cell behavior and repairing tissue. However, these revolutionary medicines are also controversial with many ethical and regulatory questions that impact a nation’s policies.

The upcoming 2018 Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Congress focus on opportunities for innovation in the design and execution of clinical trials. Gain insights on:

• Trends in stem cell based disease modelling and drug discovery
• Challenges, solutions and progress on cell manufacturing and standardization
• Clinical and regulatory landscape of regenerative products
• Commercializing stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine and importance of collaboration
• Ethical, legal and social issues in regenerative medicine

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