World of Pre-filled Syringes & Injectable Devices Europe 2013

27 Feb,2016 - 28 Feb,2016
Holiday Inn Bloomsbury, London, UK

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As the pharmaceutical market develops, the role of drug delivery in conjunction with the pharmaceutical product itself, increases in importance. Pre-filled syringes are an important part of the landscape which
pharmaceutical companies need to be aware of.

There are several obstacles to creating an effective pre-filled syringe product line, not least because it is composed of several different layers, i.e. the packaging, the syringe, the product, and the pharmaceutical ingredient. Plus of course, as a relatively new entrant into the marketplace, there are commercial and regulatory aspects to consider as well.

This 2-day conference will enable delegates to look at the end-to-end supply chain of pre-filled syringes, from the manufacturing to the logistics. The event will also cover some of the latest hot issues in pharmaceutical manufacturing, such as quality-by-design, and problems with technology transfer and scale-up.
Finally, the physical nature of the pharmaceutical product and the ramifications of its interaction with the syringe itself are an important issue: what difference does it make if it is a biotech drug for example? These will be discussed at length in this event.

Join us for two days of insights, case studies and discussions on pre-filled syringes.

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